Why Attending Overland Events is Valuable

Every year we pack up our trailer and head out on an event tour to meet our nationwide customers face-to-face, to show off our latest products, and to put our products to the test. Many of these events have become very popular over the last five to ten years and we want to help you to know how to get the most out of them based on our experience as regular attendees.

Go Prepared to Learn

Events have become a hub for vendors, and one of the ways that vendors can show off is by offering free educational courses at events. Take a minute to look through whatever packet you received at registration and narrow in on courses first. This will help you outline where you will be and when on each day of the event. We recommend looking into courses that will help you get down the trail a little further. Generally, Warn and Maxtrax can be seen hosting recover courses, Outer Limit Supply may be on the docket with some trail first-aid, and Tembo-tusk with some outdoor recipes that will keep your body fueled for adventure.

This is Deal Season

Be prepared to spend some money. Events are an awesome place to look for a deal. We offer our steepest discounts of the year at events as exclusive offers to event attendees – not available online or in our showroom. As a vendor, we find that these in-person conversations result in finding exactly the right solutions for our customers’ needs. It is easy to see what somebody on Instagram or YouTube is running but actually getting up close and personal with a demo of the product can really help narrow down your needs, and we would encourage you to seek out those experiences at your next event.

Meet Experienced Travelers

Whether you are seeking inspiration to travel or asking advice from a seasoned veteran with multiple border crossings under their belt there are always answers from the season veterans at events. Generally, travelers from all over the world attend these events, they are chock full of knowledge from places they have visited the best way to layout a mobile kitchen for long-term travel. Seek out experiences in open forums, book signings, or in vendor-sponsored booths to talk to those who have gone before you and who can shed some light on your upcoming travels.

See Something New

Overland Events are generally held between Thursday and Sunday, we have found that leaving a little early for the event to explore is always worth it. Adding to that we, we would encourage you to attend an event that requires a little bit of travel so you can be in the overland mindset while taking advantage of our tips above. Having experienced your overland kitchen the morning before asking questions about it is a great way to glean exactly the right information from vendors and featured guests. We hope this has helped you plan your next event and we hope to see you out there!