• CBI Offroad Fab will warranty all* CBI Offroad Fab manufactured parts for a LIFETIME of use. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is effective for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product. This warranty terminates when the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product to any other person.
  • Subject to the limitations and exclusions described in this warranty, CBI Offroad Fab will remedy defects in materials or workmanship by repairing or replacing, at its option, a defective product without charge for parts or labor.

*Products listed below have a limited warranty or are not covered under warranty

-CBI latch – Wearable Part

-U bolt – 1 year

-Latch catch – Wearable Part

-Pull pin – 1 year

-Hub rebuild kit – Wearable Part

– Hardware Kits – 1 year, wearable part



  • The CBI Offroad Fab Warranty does not include the powder-coated finish.
  • No warranty is given for defects caused by normal wear and tear, cosmetic rust, scratches, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, products used for racing or competition, or modification of, or any types of repair of, a CBI Offroad Fab manufactured product.
  • No warranty is given for defects resulting from conditions beyond CBI Offroad Fab’s control including, but not limited to, misuse, neglect, overloading, improperly maintained or failure to assemble, mount or use the product in accordance with CBI Offroad Fab’s written instructions or guidelines included with the product or implied use made available to the purchaser.



  • Each manufactured product must be installed following CBI Offroad Fab’s recommended fitment and installation procedures. Any customization or modification to the original product design, functionality, or use, either by said customer or by CBI Offroad Fab voids all warranty eligibility. It is the sole discretion of CBI Offroad to determine warranty eligibility.
  • CBI Offroad Fab also sells products that complement our product line. When those products are purchased through the CBI Offroad Fab website or store location, we will honor ALL ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTIES.
  • CBI Offroad Fab may elect, at its option, not to repair or replace a defective product but rather issue to a purchaser a refund equal to the purchase price paid for the product or a credit to be used toward the purchase of a new CBI Offroad Fab product.



  • Repair or replacement of a defective product or the issuance of a refund or credit (as determined by CBI Offroad Fab) is a purchaser’s exclusive remedy under this warranty.
  • Damage to a purchaser’s vehicle, cargo, and/or to any other person or property is excluded.
  • This warranty is expressly made in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • CBI Offroad Fab’s sole liability to any purchaser is limited to the remedy set forth above. In no event will CBI Offroad Fab be liable for any lost profits, lost sales, or for any consequential, direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages or for any other damages of any kind or nature.
  • Please test fit product and verify all hardware and components are included before installation. CBI/Prinsu Offroad Fab will not cover any additional shipping or installation/uninstallation costs if fitment and components have not been verified prior to installation.
  • Any missing hardware or components must be reported within 90 days of receiving the product.



  • All CBI and Prinsu warranties require proof of purchase. A copy of the original invoice will be required to initiate a warranty claim. 
  • Warranty submissions must be submitted online using the form below. Phone submissions will not be accepted.
  • Once we enter your warranty claim in the system, you’ll get an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization number). When you receive your RMA#, please send the package to the address below.
  • When choosing a shipper to return warrantied products, keep in mind that CBI Offroad Fab cannot be held liable or responsible for items lost in transit. Please use a carrier that can provide tracking and insurance.
  • Please print your RMA clearly on the shipping label and the package. Thank you!
  • Please note that the purchaser may be responsible for the cost of mailing the product to CBI Offroad Fab.
  • *** WARNING: Neither the seller nor the manufacturer will be liable for any loss, damage, or injury directly or indirectly arising from the use of or inability to determine the use of these products. Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product(s) for its intended use(s), and the user shall assume all responsibility and risk in connection therewith.***


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    Powder Coat Care

    With the right type of maintenance, you can increase the life of powder-coated surfaces. The care and maintenance tips listed below can help to keep repair/maintenance costs down for some items as well.

    Avoid Harsh Chemical Cleaners

    Powder coatings can be damaged by harsh solvents. A number of commercial cleaning products can damage powder coat finishes. Once the finish has become damaged, it is much more vulnerable to fading, staining and failure of the finish itself. When harsh chemical cleaners are used on powder-coated surfaces, the life expectancy of the finish can decrease significantly.

    The lifespan of a powder-coated finish cannot accurately be predicted due to the number of variables that can affect its ability to beautify and protect the surface where they have been applied. A professional finishing company would never even attempt to give a firm answer about any of the following:

    • How long a particular finish will last
    • The rate at which the coating will start to lose either its protective or decorative value
    • The rate at which values are lost

    These are impossible to predict with any degree of certainty.

    Proper Cleaning and Maintenance to Extend Effective Service Life

    While it may not be possible to map out the exact length of service life you can expect to get from fabricated products, you can extend their effective service life with the right cleaning and maintenance. It could double or even triple the coating’s effective service life.

    Pressure Cleaning

    Pressure washing is likely the most efficient method of cleaning coated surfaces to remove dirt and grime. The pressure washer should be used on a low-pressure setting with filtered water. Don’t use unfiltered tap water or groundwater.

    If you use unfiltered groundwater for cleaning, it can leave stains on the metal surface. If the water contains fluoride, sulfur, iron oxide, or chlorine, it can stain powder-coated products. 

    Low pressure should be used for pressure-cleaning powder-coated metal surfaces. If the pressure is strong enough to cause the metal surface to shift its position, it may also be strong enough to damage the finish.

    Use a Mild Soap and Water

    All powder-coated products should be cleaned with either a soft cloth or a brush, using a solution of mild soap and warm water. The best type of soap to use for this purpose is one that has emulsifiers that can break down the most common types of stains.

    Exposed surfaces of powder-coated products that are deemed the most critical should be cleaned regularly (on either a weekly or a bi-weekly schedule). These can be wiped down and rinsed with filtered water.

    A Word About Commercial Cleaning Solutions

    While solvents and petroleum-based cleaning products are very effective at removing dirt and grease from surfaces, they are not the right choice for powder-coated surfaces. These types of cleaners will remove dirt, but they also remove layers of the finish from the surface of the object they are cleaning. Over time, the finish can become compromised.

    The coating can become stiff and hard with repeated applications of these types of cleaners, and it will no longer be as effective at protecting the underlying surface. In some instances, the coating may begin to crack and fade. While it’s inevitable that coated surfaces that are exposed to the weather will undergo physical aging, exposure to harsh chemical products will only accelerate this process.

    Anodized Product Care 

    The crossbars on Prinsu roof racks are anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum can be damaged by highly abrasive, alkaline or acidic materials and chemicals, such as sharp metal tools, mortar, strong cleansers and muriatic acid. The anodized crossbars can also be damaged/discolored by high PH levels. High PH levels are often found in touchless car washes. We advise avoiding touchless car washes in order to avoid exposure to high PH levels and extend the life of the anodized finish. A few other Prinsu accessories are also made from anodized aluminum and the same precautions should be taken. ( Prinsu Summit handles, Camp lights, and Utility hooks).