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Receiver hitch capacity: Each rear bumper with a built-in receiver hitch has been built to meet the factory tow rating of the factory receiver hitch. In many cases, our receiver hitches are built to a much greater level than a factory hitch because they are built into the bumper, which provides added support and gusseting. Also, each CBI Offroad bumper has strategically placed mounting points in the frame and cross member on each vehicle beyond the factory mounting that helps to strengthen the mounting and the receiver hitch.

Due to associated costs and liabilities, CBI receiver hitches are not officially rated for class or towing capacity.


Rock Slider Tubing (HREW V DOM): It is important to first point out that CBI Offroad uses the only USA made steel. This is an important fact because USA steel is much stronger than imported steel for both HREW and DOM. In some cases where a competitor may use an import DOM, our HREW tubing would be as strong or stronger.

HREW (Hot Rolled Electric Weld) and DOM (Drawn Over Mandel) are two types of tubing that we use for rock sliders. For most customers, the HREW tubing is more than adequate for their needs. Small impacts and “sliding” across rocks and objects work great for HREW tubing. Also, you can lift your entire vehicle off of the ground with our HREW rock sliders so the rock sliders make a great lifting point to use with a Hi-lift jack.

If you plan to get extreme and do more “rock crawling” then we suggest the DOM tubing for its added strength. As an example, many roll cages specify DOM tubing for its strength and precision in material quality and thickness. Our DOM rock sliders are also capable of holding the entire weight of the vehicle and can be used as a lifting point for your Hi-lift jack.


Steel v Aluminum Body Armor: If you are looking for the most protection you can get for all circumstances we recommend going with a steel front bumper. Steel bumpers can take substantially greater impacts of all types than an aluminum bumper. For products like our bed racks, we recommend steel for the customer who plans on putting “everything” on the rack and really overloading it in many cases. For front bumpers in steel, we recommend 700lb springs to support the weight. It is also important to point out that steel bumpers are cheaper than aluminum and you get the most protection we offer! For our hardcore customers, we recommend steel as the ultimate in vehicle protection!

Aluminum is also a great metal for a bumper but there is some give and take. Unlike a steel bumper, the aluminum bumper is going to be the lightest option we offer for vehicle protection. In many cases, the aluminum equivalent of a steel bumper is HALF the weight! That is a huge savings! The aluminum bumper is a softer metal however and so it is less impact resistant than steel. The aluminum bumper will fair better with more “broad” type impacts than “focused” impacts. For front bumpers in aluminum, it is recommended to always use your winch coming straight off the front of the vehicle and to avoid side pulls. It is recommended to use 650lb springs for front bumpers. Aluminum is also more expensive than steel but for half of the weight, it is a great upgrade for many of our “Overland” customers!


Front Bumper Grill Protection: For most all front bumpers we offer 3 front bumper configurations. We offer a standard front bumper with NO grill protection, a CGP (Center Grill Protection) model, and an FGP (Full Grill Protection) model. The CGP (Center Grill Protection) model is short on certain models of bumpers and tall on others. This portion covers only the center portion of the grill. If you are looking for full protection on the front our FGP option is the way to go. The FGP (Full Grill Protection) offers the full height center grill guard that protects the grill area and it also offers our headlight protection as well that protects the headlights both on the sides and front.

For many people, the grill protection choice is a matter of aesthetics but for some, it has a purpose and function. Evaluate your needs and the style you are trying to achieve and we have the grill protection model to get you what you want!


Body Lift Option: Some of our Bumpers are offered with a “Body Lift” option. What this is referring to is the amount of Body Lift that has been added to your vehicle. A body lift is a spacer that replaces the factory body mount and lifts the body of your vehicle off of the frame by the specified amount. When a body lift is installed it changes the spacing between the body and the bumpers and for our purpose requires us to make our bumpers fit the specified body lift amount that is installed on your vehicle.

Some people confuse a body lift with a suspension lift. If you have a suspension lift on your vehicle then it will not change the fitment of your bumper and does not require any special notes made during ordering. It is the responsibility of the customer to know what size of body lift they have on their vehicle and to communicate that correctly to CBI Offroad so that we build your bumper to properly fit your vehicle.



Under no circumstances will CBI Offroad Fab share any of your contact information with any other companies or agencies. Any information you provide through our website or our social media pages will remain strictly confidential. Your information is used exclusively by CBI Offroad Fab for order and marketing purposes only.



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Purchases made at can be returned for any reason within 30 days of purchase. All returned items must be in new, resalable condition and include original packaging and all hardware and accessories. The return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer and a 20% restocking fee will apply. (If the product has been mounted or used it is not in new, resalable condition and will incur a 25% restocking fee) Items that were customized to ANY degree are not eligible for return.

After 30 days, non-warranty related returns are at the sole discretion of CBI Offroad Fab. A restocking fee of 20% will apply as long as the items have not been mounted or used. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. If the returned products are not in new, resalable condition – a repackaging, restocking, and/or damaged goods fee of up to 30% of the product value may be deducted from the refund. We strongly urge you to repackage the products with care.

Please note: if you return an item and did not originally pay shipping costs (eg. CBI Ditch Light Brackets), the original shipping cost incurred by CBI Offroad Fab will be deducted from your refund.

If you’d like to make a return or exchange, PLEASE CALL US FIRST at 1(866) 522-0697 for a RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization number).

Returns are processed in 2-4 days after the package arrives at our facility. A refund will be processed, and you will receive a confirmation by email.

If you’d like to exchange your items for something else, please return them to us for a refund and place a new order for the product you want at the same time.

Please print your RMA clearly on the shipping label. Thank you!



All orders placed with CBI Offroad Fab are required to be paid in full if the product is in stock. Orders placed for a product that has a lead time require a 50% deposit. All orders placed through require full payment.

Change Orders: Customers have 48 hours to make changes to their order (i.e. grill protection, material type, powder coating, etc) No changes can be made to an order after 48 hours without canceling the order.

Order Cancellation: Orders that are canceled within 48 hours will be refunded 100%. Orders that are canceled after 48 hours are potentially subject to a 20% administrative/re-stocking fee.