Ruggedized Deadman & Bodybag

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This kit contains everything you need to succeed at life! Ok, maybe not, but at least it will get your vehicle unstuck while you are succeeding at life!

  • Ruggedized Deadman Earth Anchor
  • Deadman Bodybag v2


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The Deadman Is Now Tougher Than


NEW! With the new RUGGEDIZED Deadman, all of the webbings has been sleeved with a heavy-duty Cordura to protect the bits that do all the heavy lifting. When the Deadman is put to use in the ground or around rocks, this sleeving guards the poly webbing from becoming damaged, protecting you, and prolonging the life of your Deadman. 

Bonus: he’s completely blacked out. 😎 

The Deadman™ Earth Anchor™ (patent pending) is the world’s most versatile off-road recovery anchor, capable of anchoring to just about anything Mother Earth throws your way. Lightweight and easily stowed under your seat, it’s the self-recovery anchor that’s always with you, allowing you to explore with confidence! 

While the Deadman loves to go around hugging trees or rocks, he is also an extremely capable ground anchor as well. Instead of debating whether to carry a heavy metal ground anchor, the Deadman becomes the ground anchor that’s a permanent member of your recovery kit. 

With a Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) ranging from 16,600 – 66,400 after assembly (depending on its configuration), the Deadman will be the strongest member of your recovery kit. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we get every last ounce of strength out of this American made, Class VII polyester industrial slings. The Deadman won’t let you down!

NEW! The Deadman Bodybag V2 adds a zippered outside pocket to hold shackles and gloves and has a little more girth to hold the new RUGGEDIZED Deadman.

The Deadman Bodybag — After the recovery, clean up the evidence with the Deadman Bodybag. Designed specially to hold the Deadman Earth Anchor, the bag is large enough to carry your soft shackles, and some gloves, pretty much everything you need for a straight forward self-recovery. Strap it to your roll bars or throw it in the back of your rig & go!

Made from industrial grade PVC vinyl. Also, there is a velcro patch for you to rep your favorite brands!


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