Toyota 4Runner Swing Arm Rear Bumper | 2010-2023

Introducing the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Swing Arm Rear Bumper, a versatile solution designed to elevate both form and function for your vehicle. This innovative 4Runner swing-out bumper features a dual swing arm configuration, providing convenient access to the rear while accommodating either a straight or angled tire carrier based on your preferences. 

The 4 Runner swing-out bumper is available in both bare metal or powder coat black options, this bumper allows you to tailor its look to match your style. While installation does require cutting plastic fenders, the benefits are significant. With an increased departure angle, your vehicle gains improved off-road capabilities. The integrated receiver hitch, although not load-rated, enhances the bumper’s utility.

Moreover, the design seamlessly follows the original 4Runner body lines, guaranteeing a flawless fit that complements the vehicle’s aesthetics. It’s important to note that the 4Runner swing-out bumper is incompatible with BSM and Rear cross-traffic sensors, making it a choice for those prioritizing functionality over certain driver-assistance features. Embrace the enhanced capabilities and rugged charm this swing-out bumper brings to your 4Runner’s adventure-ready persona.

Key Features:

  • 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Swing Arm Rear Bumper
  • Dual Swing Arm
  • Straight or Angled Tire Carrier
  • Bare Metal or Powder Coat Black
  • Requires cutting plastic fenders
  • Increased departure angle
  • Integrated receiver hitch (not load-rated)
  • Follows original 4Runner body lines for a perfect fit

***Not compatible with BSM and Rear cross-traffic sensors


Warranty: Lifetime