Toyota Tacoma Full Overland Skid Plates | 2016-2021


Optional Powder Coat is a Satin Black Textured Finish

Install time: 1.5 hrs
Optional Satin Black Powder coat for full skid $200
Optional TRD Grey Powder coat for full skid $250

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma


Warranty: Lifetime


The 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma skids (3/16” plate) are a great option to offer extra protection for the drive-train on your truck. You can choose from just the front skid to a full skid that protects all the way back to the t-case

Additional information

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 15 in


Powder Coat

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Year Range

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2 reviews for Toyota Tacoma Full Overland Skid Plates | 2016-2021

  1. illbluntz420


    This is a must for anyone taking their third gen off road. It protects the extremely expensive and unprotected transfer case servo modulator, is well made, fits great and enables easy oil changes. Obviously, get the steel. Driving to snowmobile trailheads I have also noticed that the truck slides over snow better thus reducing drag when it’s deep.

  2. Operation Toyota

    Operation Toyota

    I purchased the CBI Offroad Tacoma Full Overland Skid Plates in aluminum, powder coat black. Obviously the steel option will be stronger, but the aluminum skids are thick and light. I’m not too worried about a rock penetrating 1/4 inch aluminum unless you were driving extremely fast offroading. Even then, I’m sure you would sustain denting, rather than damage to your expensive parts you are trying to protect.

    From what I understand, steel may slide over rock easier, due to the softer nature of aluminum. So far, I have had no issues. The skid plates are solid, constructed well, and cover a huge percentage of your vehicles belly from nose to well past the transfer case modular which is shockingly vulnerable with the factory skids that Toyota offers.

    I was able to install the aluminum skid plates by myself, without raising the truck with no issues. Some of the bolts can be tricky to access so make sure you have a socket set, in addition to close ended wrenches which will allow you to reach those narrow spots especially as you tighten everything up.

    I have completed an oil change with the skid plates installed. The removable plates for your drain plug access and oil filter access are quick to get off, and provide ample space for you to complete an oil change without creating a mess…not that the filter system on these trucks was made convenient!

    The only thing I noticed when off-roading with these skid plates was that the first place to touch will be the spot that hangs below the exhaust. The was added so you don’t have to do an exhaust relocation, but does sit lower than any other part underneath the vehicle.

    Overall, the skid plates are built very well, and provide excellent coverage underneath your Tacoma.

    If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on IG: Operation_Toyota or contact CBI Offroad directly.

    Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad (4 door – short box)

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