Onward and Upward: A personal note from our CBI crew

Friends and Family

As our CBI family and the outdoor industry have grown, we are presented with both blessings and new challenges. We are experiencing growth in every area while staying true to our goal to provide quality products that enhance your vehicle and lifestyle.

“While demand continues to rise, we have been working diligently to more than double our production since July 2020.

We have acquired new equipment, hired and trained more craftsmen, and continue investing in our process of designing, engineering, and shipping American-made products.

While we continue scaling production, we have been investing in continuous research and development to provide more vehicle options with our products, while also increasing our product selection.

cbi offroad fab apparel

“Since the beginning of 2020 we have maintained our monthly launch schedule and released an array of new products, including our Covert Bumper series, our Laser Formed Steel Bed Racks, and our Prinsu Ridgeline Handles, to name a few. While our production and R&D departments are separate, they both continue raising the bar.

With many of the unique challenges the past few years have provided, we have seen a significant increase in materials. With prices of all raw materials going up between 35-60% over the course of the past 7-months and labor increases at an equally rapid rate, we have no choice but to increase our retail prices on all products. We have absorbed these increases absolutely as long as we could and we continue to implement cost savings practices to help counteract these challenges. 

“With the increase in pricing, we have also made efforts to improve shipping options for our customers. We will now be providing free shipping on all CBI and Prinsu manufactured accessories and flat rate shipping options on all non-freight shipments for the lower 48. These changes will be effective Monday, August 2nd, 2021. 

We love and appreciate your dedication to us and we promise to continue striving to bring you the best quality products, services, and designs.”

– CBI & Prinsu Team