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CBI Offroad Fab is launching its most advanced line of CNC machined D-Ring mounts, now sleeker and stronger than ever before.

Our D-Ring mounts have always had the reputation as the strongest, most reliable source for hauling the most extreme loads out of virtually any situation, always ensuring successful recovery missions.

But our newest D-Ring mount design is now sleeker than ever before, with rounded edges to diminish wear and tear on your recovery equipment. We believe in being the most cutting-edge, not cutting edges. The smooth, rounded design allows you to pull from multiple angles without worry of sharp edges.

CBI Offroad Fab - New D-Ring Design Release - July 2021

This new design is also crafted by our top of the line CNC machines, instead of using laser tables or water jets to cut the parts.. This streamlines the process for our in-house fabrication experts, ensuring quicker output and delivery times. 

With the substantially rising cost of steel and aluminum, this process also keeps our consumers from paying more, while ensuring an even more durable product.

Our team of engineers designed these D-Rings with precision to hold their ultimate recovery strength, while expanding their tactical mobility capabilities. We don’t live in a perfect world, so chances are, you won’t be hauling your friend’s rig out of the mud in a perfectly straight line. This new design also has a decreased shackle mount from one inch, down to .9375 inches to reduce slop and add a larger radius to your shackle mount hole.

The new D-Ring design is now riding out on all of our bumpers, with the transition taking effect at the beginning of this month.

CBI Offroad Fab has been creating hand-crafted, top-notch, American made bumpers since 1999, and has since become the leading company in aftermarket off-road vehicle body armor worldwide. Our CBI family motto, “trail proven, adventure ready!” has helped millions of overland enthusiasts safely conquer the roughest, toughest terrain, including some of the world’s most notable mountain ranges here in our very own backyard. Our Idaho Falls-based company believes in playing harder, driving longer, and climbing higher with our state of the art, intelligent designs, crafted by our industry-leading, in-house engineers and fabrication experts.

CBI believes you should only rep the highest-quality tools to reflect your resilient spirit against the backcountry terrain — can’t break it, can’t beat it.