Maxx Powell Visits CBI Headquarters

Maxx Powell visits cbi headquarters

Back in Summer of ’17 one of our favorite people, Maxx Powell – came to visit and have a high clearance rear bumper installed. We love it when our customers come visit and get the full CBI experience!

Video courtesy of Maxx Powwell YouTube

we’re running out of gas. Okay so I’m headed over to CBI off-road headquarters in Idaho Falls. I’m leaving Desiree, Sterling, and Bentley the dog all here at this park and I’m taking my truck to their shop. There’s going to be about for our install time for a high clearance rear bumper a skid plate or two and then we’ll get the truck right back so what I’m going to do is I didn’t want Desiree and Sterling and the dog to all have to sit CBI’s shop for four hours so I dropped
them off here and I’m going to go there then get an uber back if I can find one and then hopefully it’ll be done and we’ll be on our way back.
This facility would you like something straight off the discover town that is so cool.
So while the truck is in the shop Desiree and I and sterling are at this Park we’re making some food it’s down by the river. River’s over there. Super, super windy but still like 85 degrees and we’re cooking like hobo style I don’t know what to call it potatoes and onions another stuff all Mixed in.

Five o’clock, we’ve been at the park for a few hours now it’s four hours and we’re both hot and ready to go we want to get some cold drinks and Nathan is on his way to taking stuff to take us over to see the truck super excited before I left Nathan took a few moments to show me where to find one of the most beautiful campsites we stayed at during our entire trip I can’t thank the guys at CBI enough for their awesome
work and customer service in 10 days.
Nathan and I would meet again at the Pacific Northwest overland rally located in plain Washington but before then the family and I had another 2,000 miles of adventure ahead of us the truck had never looked better but I didn’t have time to sit and stare at it we had to cover some ground to find this campsite
before it got dark.
I just picked up the truck it looked absolutely amazing like it I for the longest time I didn’t think I needed a rear bumper I thought that it was duh I don’t know just the back it didn’t
really matter but now that it’s on the truck the truck looks so complete is perfect and awesome, like it’s amazing. I’m so happy so happy. Nathan was super cool to hang out with
unfortunately I’m in a rush to go get back and pick up Desiree so that’s what I’m doing right now rushing back to the park to get her and then we are going to be continuing the trip with a new cool high clearance bumper into the valley call… look right there! I just saw a hawk. My God, yeah I’m okay well was that a god damn turkey vulture something did you see that oh my goodness that was crazy I almost killed a turkey vulture or something.
okay so weird Idaho we’re headed towards the Grand Tetons look how cool this drive is that’s awesome look at that the Cliff, anyways, Nathan from CBI suggested we go here to find a camping spot so that’s what we’re doing there’s got to be one of the coolest camping spots I’ve ever been at it’s so
cool. Check out the river down there. there’s a hiking trail nothing but mountains and trees far lookouts.
you like it?
Sterling, you like it?