Welcome to the very first ever CBI Offroad Fabrication Blog! We are excited to add this as a portion of our new website and to be able to bring you along, in a way, on our various adventures!

On this first ever post we want to kick off our 2018 Event Review at Lonestar Toyota Jamboree. This event is located in the heart of Gilmer Texas (in central Eastern Texas). It’s a bit of a haul for us to reach from Idaho Falls, but is well worth the drive! It’s about a 24-hour drive straight through without driving a lifted Tacoma towing a trailer, so definitely an endurance race.


When we first arrived at the event it was so dark that the scenery couldn’t quite sink in. But bright the next morning we awoke to the deep green canopies and bright red trails. Which excited our adventurous side. Being a vendor at an event riddled with trails is difficult, we generally attend events to meet our far-away customers face-to-face and offer special event discounts to those who would otherwise shy away from such a large online purchase. But these events with trails excite something in us, they put rubber to the road, so to speak.


Our first day at the event consisted of fighting against the solid packed and rock riddled ground while attempting to stake down our vendor booth. It was as if the off-road park knew that we would rather be out on the trails. In fact, while fighting against the soil we noticed that most vendors gave up and took to the trails themselves!


We Love Offroad Events

The Lonestar Toyota Jamboree, or Jambo as we often refer to it, is one of those incredible events that allows us to ride alongside our customers and put our products to the test. Pushing skill and vehicle limits through bad weather and tough trails. This year we had our 2016 TRD Off-Road Toyota Tacoma with us. This beast is fully CBI Equipped with our T3 Front Bumper, T3 Rear Bumper with Single Swing Arm, our all-new Overland Skid Plates that have been powder coated to match TRD Gray, our Bolt-On Rock Sliders, and fitted with Icon suspension, Nitto tires, and our very own Prinsu Cabrack — needless to say, we were ready for whatever that trail threw at us!


As the rain started falling on our second day at the event, we took to the trails to experience the slick red dirt for ourselves. There were multiple climbs that required the assistance of our on board E-locker because the trail was so soupy that any tire slip would result in gravity pulling us back down the hill. But again, we were able to put our skills to the test and overcame all obstacles free from damage or injury. Every trail we experienced would wind us through the deep forest and at times completely block out the sun, although we weren’t sitting atop a mountain the views were still incredible!


We Recommend Lonestar Toyota Jamboree

If you are located in the Southeast and are looking for an incredible event with an awesome vendor show and even better trail system (with guides as well), we highly recommend attending The Lonestar Toyota Jamboree; and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.


Watch our events page to our tour list for 2019!