Fotornr’s 4Runner Walkaround

LEGENDARY 4Runner Overland Build

Earlier this month these guys sent us a great walkaround of AJ’s Toyota 4Runner with all of his CBI armor. Check it out.

Video courtesy of @LastLineofDefense, @Fotornr, and @mytoyo


what’s up I’m here with AJ Horace he’s probably better known photo runner on the gram photographer cool guy iconic foreigner probably the most recognizable forerunner anyway if you’re kind of into social media at all playing a trip out here actually with this guy over here swell runner so Jason and some other guys back here that we’ll probably get to in a bit and then AJ was tagging along do you know haven’t met you since this trip yeah but it’s been good it’s been a good time yeah we’re drinking kind of Moses that Apple mimosas yeah I don’t know AJ prepared or the the walk around so we’ll be we’ll be sipping on those while we go yeah cool and then yeah we’re just gonna kind of get into the rig this is gonna be rig walk around so maybe tell us like a little bit about what you do and kind of why the rig works three cool yeah so like you mentioned before I’m a photographer that’s my full-time job I shoot weddings mostly but when I’m not shooting weddings I’m out on the road out on a trail and just kind of shooting content and just having a good time you know I built the truck purposely for that so it’s a very easy vehicle to take on the trails the tents easy I can pop up one place and leave in the next morning and just you know you know no good said if we’re talking about just like how quick and easy just like anything you can do to improve efficiency that’s kind of what this what this 4Runner’s built around yeah I’m a lazy camper yeah like absolutely lazy so I just I’m just quick to go yeah that sounds bad oh yeah so it’s pretty built out so we’re gonna go through kind of the obvious things and then maybe get into some like minor details maybe that AJ’s done to to make it work for him so front here we have a CBI yep so a CBI full bumper it is steel I didn’t go the aluminum option I had aluminum before and I kind of tweaked it not the bumper but just aluminum a farmer and I just dude it just depends too
easy you know for what we do I’ve used this bumper a lot already you can see right there Mike it’s I’ve totally nailed you crunch you’ve done a almost like so many times okay just but I knew I could do that because there otherwise I would have crushed a light in the fender so it took a little beating totally same you like the full full hoops do is the projections nice and just even on the wave like to this trip man I once had a couple deer yeah you know and on the 89 I was coming over super dark out and just kind of was ahead of some of my breaks and then like two weeks ago I almost had a donkey hour jackass or burrow or whatever they’re called whatever they’re yeah anyway so I do like the full protection that’s why I want me to pull oops okay I like the aggressive look I think it looks for boots yeah looks really nice let’s assume yeah it’s kind of cool cuz it kinda the foreigner sticks out more so the poops aren’t just like out like this they kind of come back yeah the stuck against line yeah so headlights are stock the forest headlights look pretty cool yep I do have like hid upgrades okay and they’re a chose in the egg xenon Depot is the the HIDs I’m using and then for our fog lights I’m using Baja basically the whole truck is outfitted with bomber designs I like them it I don’t know I like the aesthetic of it and then of course the output it allows their output man yeah I mean 5000 K to the color temperature yeah it really lights yeah and it looks good in photos looks good yeah but uh and then we got the Amber’s we went front in the thirty inch for the a thirty inch si up here full amber regular on the what is it fogs thank you yep and I did that for a reason man a lot of people who put yellows in the fogs and I don’t really use them for phones I don’t have phones in California you know and it’s like when I’m on the road I actually want to have like my lights work for me and with those on with the headlights on on a mountain
road that I’m so good yeah it just lights it up so if you have Amber’s I’m in Colorado this so I use it a lot for snow and stuff yeah that yeah that makes sense it’s looking on yeah well that’s why I have this yep so I turn this on if I really need to cool when she tucked in here we got a winch and we use this winch didn’t we we actually yeah yeah we I
don’t know if you saw it yeah I’m not yeah we’re gonna post bad right a recovery yep flipped over a trailer with this snatch block the whole nine yards so you guys will see this actually plugged in and it actually works yeah you’ll see yeah the story’s gonna be great I’m sure these guys will put out a good video about it but it worked really well I’ve used it multiple times flipped over a Jeep now flipped over a trailer gotten people out not something a good in English but it’s it it works and the reason why I got this dude is because I solo a lot yeah right so I wouldn’t really be protected mm-hm and if I need to get myself out of a rut then this was one of the pieces of equipment that would do that for me cool so fact 55 stuff here with the hooker what is it called oh this is I’m the ultra hook ultra hook yes though it’s worked so well and it matches yeah of course so matchy-matchy it’s got a match there you’ll see some matching OD elements throughout yeah I mean you got skids yeah both steel yep so we went full steel again I don’t like aluminum I’ve had just my experience guys I think aluminum is great I think it works for people but I’ve had aluminum and now I’ve had steel and the aluminum I just bent the type of off-roading that I do or the trails that I hate unfortunately this is a very heavy truck now and it just I went steel that’s the con it is becoming a very heavy truck did it with all that
yeah Cheers really talk about wheels tires full suspension okay so the wheels we just put these on I love these wheels I haven’t waiting for these for a couple years now and they are 1552 turbo Mac HDS they are in block bronze they have a black option as well but I went with this obviously because of the nature of the truck but loved them 70 inch wheel and then on the tires right now they’re light they look so yeah but they’re only what it’s 26 pounds 26 pounds that’s pretty nice bad cuz they look heavy a lot of men a lot of metal here yeah so lighter than they look yeah and then tires tires right now we have a 285 75 17 Toyo open country MT probably my favorite tire I have ever rent okay I had probably four sets of them yeah I’m just on the track just back and forth and then yeah I just love this tire and that’s sad as I wasn’t paying 10 just 285 75 17 okay yep cool so 33 to 34 exactly in between high 33 is why 33 833 834 yeah so I love it I think it’s the best size for the 4runner a bucket tires absolutely yeah and they performed well from what I’ve heard and then I’m here you got some icon stuff I do so we chose to go with an icon stage 7 so and that consists of upper and lower links up here in the front it’s going to be the billet upper control arm with the CDC V coil over okay it is adjustable and I use that a lot like a lot know you to adjust all the time yeah yeah well say oh I mean city driving I’ll go down to a two or three and then on the trail hard polka hard yeah okay so that’s what’s going on same busy a little bit in the back icon yes seven all around yep yeah and adjustables in the rear yep anything special you did with the coils back there um so we ended up going with ome 899 HD because how much we weigh your fat back there yeah we’ll get back there yeah so exactly okay and if you if we miss something you have questions comment down below and I’ll try to get just yeah Mike don’t do everything you have a body mount chop oh yeah sorry man I do have a body mount chop you can’t see it it’s covered in mud right now okay but you have to do that man like you put these big tires in these trucks like you have to cut you have to body man chop you can’t go around it you just can’t yeah so for everyone who’s asking yes you have to do some cutting on your brand-new forty
thousand dollar vehicle yeah same with Tacoma they just basically the part of the frame here just extends a little too close to the tire and you gotta chop that back and then you put a new plate welded on and paint it it’s not not a huge deal no really but pretty much if you’re running bigger tires on foreign or even Tundras foreigners tacoma’s Tundras you got to get a body mount chop absolutely okay so let’s go let’s go up top here cool sounds good so we got a light bar Baja again yep with a model on x6 I added the amber lenses they do make a dual purpose okay that can turn on just the Amber’s or turn on just a spot in the middle I have a spot in the middle and then I have the Amber’s for the
wides okay so it works out it works for me I think it’s great I got that beam going way out there and then the wides just kind of fill out everything else cool yeah so I like it that’s why I did it and then we have a front runner slimline to rack to to outfit or to hold the tent and the tent is an Al you cab Gen 3 and that is one of my favourite mods right there for sure the like a kind of a pseudo basket and a lot of rails there’s tons of accessories you like it please like um every excess you could ever imagine and then we got a giant blonde flying overhead so how the cap stick looks cool and mostly just super easy setup which is kind of getting back to we’re talking about we just want quick setup of camp quick takedown so this thing basically just closes down pops back up just like that yeah I mean under a minute yeah yeah well under a minute to get all set up yeah so I if I remember well we’ll toss some b-roll I think the longest time is just getting those the awning poles and the little loops that okay and that’s the thing that takes the most time quit and that it’s up and ready to go and then you got a goal zero panel hundred watt so we have a boulder 100 up there basically what I use that for is
to charge my Yeti they getting boxes that I have from from goes like go zero and then I then I put my max max up there as well and that’s one thing dude that I love about this particular tent is that you’re able to put up to 80 pounds on top of the tent and as I know goes up yeah and that’s what people don’t know is that you put stuff on top of the tent has a rack yeah I might stack high but it’s nice to have that option yeah so age is pretty high with the the rack and everything I might tell them to cook fly in this drone around it’s just the pleats in the pants don’t worry all right we took down that giant wasp so we should be we should be good now so AJ hasn’t done a ton inside will get in here real quick and just talk about a couple things but yeah absolutely so in this door panel I keep my essentials I have you know first aid kit flashlight my winch controller gloves things like that and then the only thing I really have done to run all my lights and things is just doing a switch bro and I’ve reorganized the buttons here so I took this off from down there and added this one and then put switch Pro there and that’s that’s about it man I don’t have too many fancy options in there you got a lot of OD stuff in there though like that shoes like there’s so much I didn’t realize that yeah right now yeah yeah yeah I don’t spot that jacket yeah are we still going yeah we’re so that’s fine yeah okay cool and backseat you have a kid I do have a kid oh yeah so nothing I mean did we yeah okay oh look more OD stuff weird yeah so it’s kind of messy in there but you know what we’re traveling right now and yeah we’re on tactic it’s kind of nice when you are by yourself you can just kind of throw stuff in the season whatever that tools do you carry uh everything like I’ll carry something to take the wheels off so I have a gun or a compact geez what are they call the impact ranch yes yeah so I have an impact and then I just have an essentials like I know I have a tool for everything on this truck for the accessories you know I’m saying and I’m pretty sure I have a tool for a lot of the stuff so I need a repair on the trail I’m knock on wood I haven’t had to do that yet like an axe or things like that yeah but I have the tools yeah for sure cool and then the back is very exciting so we’ll get back here sure so you have a TBI with swing outs
dual swing outs I do yeah I won’t duel swing outs because I always tell people who ask if you do a single swing out and you live in the city it’s very hard to open the back requires a lot of room yes so the car now pulls up in your ear you’re not getting the back your truck so one thing to consider with the swing out is you’re basically splitting you know roughly in half the distance required so the distance back if you have a full swing out you can’t have anyone parked within whatever like six feet of you right because it’s got to swing all the way out yeah and then dual swing out gives you two separate kind of table though yes which is nice also so yeah we have a small table and then a large table for the stove cool so over here we got your hi-lift jack double jerry cans fold down table carry water carry gas so five gallons of water five gallons of gas cool seven red one for water one for gas yep and then over here you got your spare you live with the angle for looks forever sure I don’t know for me sure like aesthetically I just don’t like the way everything looks straight up and down you know if it was entangled and I think the angle just works okay so and then another table little little bigger this table over here than that one yeah so this have on it’s important things pretty simple we got champagne apple juice Jetboil he kind of mostly like mountain house kind of stuff I do like I said man I’m some water I’m a lazy I’m a lazy camper I really am so it’s just uh up and out man I just make food and keep going cool yeah we boost and then you got some frontrunner wolf packs down here and down your big beast my big yeti 1,400 nothing that is what charges all of my equipment my laptop’s my cameras just everything that I have I was running the fridge off it for a little while but those fridges man especially the size I have I have a big boy and it just it just sucks a lot of power it’s not that I can’t do it it’s just it’s very it’s thirsty okay thirsty for ya and we didn’t even do under the hood let’s not do it because it’s favor spreading we gone but tell us what you got going under there so you want yeah so under the hood we just have a group 31 and that’s what’s powering the truck starter and the fridge I had such good luck with that that I’m not too worried about it but yeah like once you once it’s packed up and everything is going the fridge doesn’t suck a lot of power just like maintain you know and I think and that’s what I’m trying to like yeah it doesn’t but it does kind of look every time it turns on you’re pulling about 1820 Lots okay yeah and it turns on for about a minute or two okay so unfortunately I don’t know how this one trying this bag or you know there’s no I’m just keep it insulated okay and hopefully it stays cool or longer so it’s not turning on as much where we at here you get huh yeah Levin eight right now that’s pretty low okay so what fridge is this this is the CFX 75 dzw so there’s a dual zone you can put anything from Dometic yeah it’s good yeah no it’s all good so yeah you can put ice cream in one zone you
can put our frozen foods I should say I just like ice cream Oh calm and then you get good stuff but I’m right now currently since it is the
winter time I don’t need too much ice cream cool yeah so it’s a true yes yeah and that it comes in the 75 so it’s a big boy yeah but it fits back here huh it does and I was actually worried about that dude I’m surprised even with like the handles and everything it still fits and it if it’s fine in my opinion and I can still put all my stuff I’m very organized back here and I travel light for things that I bring you know yeah so three wolf packs the gold zero sit right here perfectly fridge all my food and then I’ll just throw my like clothes and gear and stuff like that in the back seat okay and this is on just the factory Toyota bed slide it is thing sliding drawer okay this thing right here if I unhook the fridge from the back you can slide this whole thing out and accept access to the fridge however you want I don’t do that too often man because I’m always going so when I go out with a family I’ll unhook it because we’re actually camped for a couple days and then just by myself though I just leave it in and I leave it in because I can still get into it it does hit right here a little bit but I just keep the essentials in the back just stuff that’s quick and low in the front okay and then you got om body oh yes yeah so yeah so we have the only have audio plus I’m a huge music guy I have to have like good music or good tunes sound quality so we ended up going to OEM audio+ and awesome it’s just good stuff you have heard stuff about if you don’t have it yet yeah yeah they do they do Toyota yeah well they do a comic for sure yeah and they basically replace what they look the woofers tweeters everything said yeah so and it’s all like custom kind of tuned yeah I got some toothpaste up there yeah this is my crest complete it’s important but what toothpaste do you use AJ alright so Wolfpack spit in here nice you go check out his Instagram and you might have pictures of it I don’t know he post stuff I do I do have a picture of it the whole setup in the rear so those fit there nicely these little frontrunner Wolfpack guys there they stack on top of each other like pretty securely so it’s a nice little nice little clean setup you can toss it sauce in there and you got your Oregon origami front runner chair I do yeah so that’s everything I don’t know did you wanna oh yeah let’s go intent real quick yeah yeah let’s go there with me okay so are you you big spoon tonight yeah last night okay let’s switch it up yeah oh yeah hey guys
all right there okay so we’re up here yep and we actually kind of scooted a little closer together because to get all in frame I actually have quite a bit of room over here yeah so this is the inside of the alley cap it’s just in here it’s not bad it’s nice and here is dark last night one when I was in here now I’m just kidding I wasn’t actually in here last time but so we got kind of like a little quilted thing up here they have some storage it’s actually pretty sick yeah it’s pretty cool so like if I’d had my slippers or whatever so I’d put like one shoe in here one shoe in
here and then I just put all my essentials just kind of as I’m sleeping I’ll hang up goal zero light here and it just lights up bold full space and it’s good man we have my wife in here myself my little kid okay so we all fit obviously we got the sleep like so head Toto head whatever okay home and then all the little flops family with a small child it totally could make it were absolutely I think as he gets bigger the plan was to get bigger bigger yeah yeah I would keep guns in all of these probably six different guns in each in each pouch baby just keep it real yeah so opens up this way has good ventilation yeah it’s nice little overhang here can you do ladder on both either side side okay good our tourism okay yeah doesn’t quite work as well oh you could kind of like get in through your little ladders there yeah so before I wasn’t traveling with the ladder on
the side and then when I brought the family for the first time it was just yeah more sense and now I just use it every time just because it’s easier to come in through the sides cool yeah three comfy huh it’s not bad I put a mat in it though you put okay yeah so there’s a two-inch topper in here I did that just because I’m a side sleeper and
it just it’s nice yes and you can fit you can pull this back up with everything in it everything pillow yeah yeah so I have two pillows in here a zero degree sleeping bag there’s a lot of stuff a down comforter and then a heavy a heavy heavy blanket for everything on top I like to stay
warm yeah yeah so it’s true it’ll definitely close all right no problem I think that’s it we’ll just wrap it up up here and get back to cuddling probably and then maybe we’ll hit some trails and a little later stoked for that yeah thanks for watching the video if you liked it hit that like button you get subscribe comment down below I will link AJ I’ll probably like put it right here his Instagram handle he’s a photographer are you like open to like what like what’s your primary photo
primary football depressive wedding yeah so weddings is like it depends what you mean by primary paying the bills weddings right okay that’s my main income that’s what I do professionally as I shoot weddings but I also professionally shoot you know content or commercial or lifestyle type of stuff so okay if you have something yeah hit me up see that’s my biggest thing is like people mostly a lot of people yeah people and just like put like adventure stuff you know I’m saying like we have our workshop that we’re doing and we’re gonna teach people how he’s teaching Apple how to take better picks for IG basically yeah well whatever you want yeah but yeah it just depends man and that’s what school is like it is something for people to just learn how to use because as we know man like you’ve got iPhones we’ve got cameras people ton of people have cameras there’s a lot of us out there so I want to learn how to use it better it’s ok cool so I’ll put any of that info down below website whatever the description down below I’ll try and link to a lot of this stuff if I remember if not hit up a comment I’ll try and get it at it errytime man yeah dude fun hanging out all right ok