Rear Bumpers

All CBI rear bumpers will replace your factory receiver hitch. When installing your rear bumper, you will remove your factory receiver hitch, and your CBI rear bumper will bolt directly to the frame in place of the factory hitch. 

*disclaimer: We build the receiver hitch to match the factory tow ratings and tongue weight ratings. However, they are not DOT certified nor warranted due to associated liabilities.

We do not make any of our rear bumpers in aluminum. One reason is we do integrate the tow hitch and to be able to keep the factory capacities we cannot do aluminum.

You can run a single full-length swing arm or a dual swing arm on any CBI rear bumper. Swing arm configurations and options are the same regardless of the bumper it is mounted to. Swing arms must be purchased at the time of purchase for the CBI rear bumper, swing arms cannot be purchased at a later time.