Other Parts

Full skid plate sets cover from the front of the vehicle to behind the transfer case. LCA skids and gas tank skids are separate items not included with a full skid plate.

With our Original Ditch Light Brackets, it depends on which vehicle you have will determine whether the bracket will mount to the hood itself or on the fender side of the hood hinge. Below is a quick list of each one and how they mount. In most cases there is some minor trimming or molding of the plastic cowling required to install our brackets.


T4R3- Fender Side

T4R4- Fender Side

T4R5- Hood Side

T1 Tacoma- Fender Side

T2 Tacoma- Fender Side

T3 Tacoma- Hood Side

Chevy Colorado- Hood Side

Tundra- Hood Side

Lexus GX- Fender Side

LC200- Hood Side

With our Overland Bars you will receive two bed bars, that is 4 side towers and 2 cross bars. We design them to fit and mount primarily roof top tents with 2-3 adults in them, so there really isn’t a need to order more than one set.