Front Bumpers

Any winch from 8000lbs to 12klbs will fit in our bumper as long as it has a non-integrated solenoid box. Some bumper fitments will require a solenoid box to be relocated either in the bumper or in the engine bay.

If you want the sleekest, lowest profile front bumper setup, then the No Grill Guard option is the best for you. This type of front bumper set up will still allow you to mount a winch to you bumper and have great approach angles and clearances, but it will also give your vehicle more a factory look. 

Our second option, Center Grill Guard option is best for those individuals who want minimal protection without going overboard when it comes to appearance. It is more of a sporty look. It protects the main frontal impact area of the motor and radiator. 

The Full Grill Guard option is best for those who want maximum front end protection. You still have all of the benefits of the bumper plus protection of the center grill and the headlights. This is a great option for individuals that run tight trails with lots of brush and branches. 

In many cases, our bumpers come with bracketry to adapt to factory fog lights to fit into your CBI bumper. However, not all CBI front bumpers will allow you to remount your factory fog lights in the CBI bumper; please see bumper specific specs for further details.