You don’t have to go far to feel far away.

The last year has left many people wondering what to expect from life. Sometimes we need the reminder to always expect the unexpected – and there’s nothing like a family adventure into the wilderness to snap you back into shape.

We’re super excited to join the Croft Family on their latest Expedition Overland adventure across the beauty of Montana. We’ve grown to love this great team through their overlanding video series, documenting incredible explorations all over the world. And now we get to meet the whole family to tag along on what’s sure to be a wonderful experience of the great outdoors.

Adventure in your own backyard.

The Crofts live in one of America’s favorite outdoor playgrounds, Montana, so we can imagine they were able to find some fun, wide open spaces to explore. From wild and scenic rivers to incredible mountainscapes to wide open valleys, rimmed with big skies, we LOVE all that Montana has to offer. We couldn’t be more excited to see what this series has to offer.

While it often feels better to get as far away as possible, we can easily overlook all the wonderful things we have to explore close to home. This series is a great illustration of the amazing nature experiences we can find if we simply step out of our comfort zone and take on an adventure with the people we care about most.

Family time is the right time.

While the pandemic has thrown most people’s lives into the chaos of new routines and requirements, The Crofts have taken the time to embrace what is most important: their family time together. We’ve all lost friends and family this year, and it’s important to recognize the value of the time we spend and the memories we make together. 

Kids grow up fast. Joints begin to ache. Times change. And each adventure takes more effort. We’re excited for this series to remind us all just how possible it is to get out and make memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to tag along for the journey.

Join them for a family journey you won’t soon forget.

We hope it inspires you to get out and explore with your family.

Adventures together make memories forever.