New Gear Just In Time For Christmas

New Year Coming, New Gear Coming - Just In Time For Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and we love this time of year! Our engineering elves have been hard at work for the entire year, creating some of the most highly-anticipated products we’ve had requested. This year, we’re excited to announce four new products that are in high demand, right before the Christmas holiday. 


If you’ve been watching and waiting for one of these awesome new pieces of gear, now is the time to jump to the front of the line. Order today to get yours before everyone else!



3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma Dakar Hybrid Front Bumper

The 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma Dakar Hybrid Front Bumper was inspired by the rally for which it’s named. This incredible bumper is a super-strong combination of steel plate and DOM tubing that offers maximum strength and durability with 33% less weight than standard steel plate bumpers. That means you’ll be trucking around with better gas mileage and superior protection. Light guards protect your essential lighting, while an ultra-tough grille guard prevents damage to your front end.

Manufactured in the USA using the highest grade materials available and engineered for the wildest terrain out there, this unique design increases your approach angle dramatically to provide maximum clearance in steep and varied terrain. Multiple d-rings offer excellent recovery points in a time of need for you or a trail buddy, while a 30” light cutout and extra mounting points offer the option to install additional lighting to improve vision and visibility. If you’re looking for a front bumper that looks rugged, plays rough, and hangs tough, you found your match here. This is sure to be a fast-selling, popular product so beat the rush and order today!  



2nd Generation Toyota Tundra Rear Bumper

We all know that driving a full-size truck offroad can be a challenge. That’s why it takes a special kind of driver (wink). And that’s why we constructed the all-new 2nd Generation Toyota Tundra Rear Bumper. This highly sought-after piece of gear has been a long time in the making and we think we got every bit of it right. Engineered and manufactured in the USA using high-grade steel, this tough rear bumper is designed to take a hit and never quit. The high stance provides a huge amount of clearance compared to your factory bumper, meaning super steep descents and crawling through varied terrain without the concern of railing your tail end on an obstacle.

Along with an improved exit angle, this great new bumper drastically increases the strength and durability of your vehicle’s rear end. In the case of an accident or impact, you can be sure this steel-constructed beast will stand up to the test. We’ve also included reinforced d-rings that act as incredibly strong recovery points when the need arises, so you’ll be ready to help a friend or help yourself when the need arises. Mounting points and lighting options round out the functional options for this sweet piece of gear. Be sure to jump to the head of the pack by ordering today!



CanAm Maverick X3 (4 Seat) Roof Rack

If you know UTVs, you know the CanAm Maverick – and we’ve designed a sweet new roof rack for the Maverick X3 4-Seat edition. The Prinsu Roof Rack system is the most innovative on the market, providing a modular base to add and subtract mount bars, attachment points, accessories, and more. You can quickly and easily carry additional water, fuel, food, tools, recovery gear, and more by simply attaching it to your hyper-versatile roof rack. This is perfect for adventurers who love to get out on the trails and get out for a serious day of riding. You won’t need to worry about what you forgot due to your limited space!

This roof rack was engineered specifically for the CanAm Maverick X3 4-Seat edition, so it matches the body lines with great harmony and looks like a natural extension of your vehicle’s design. This improves aerodynamics, meaning a smooth ride with very little additional noise and resistance, and the aluminum construction adds incredible strength to your roof structure without much additional weight – so you’ll be safer and more comfortable without decreasing your fuel efficiency. This is a great addition to your rig to improve your trail experience. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Order today to lead the way!



Sprinter Van Ditch Light Bracket

When you’re exploring offroad with a large vehicle, like a Sprinter Van, you want to be sure you can see any obstacle in your way. That’s why we created Ditch Light Brackets. You can attach a set of ditch light brackets to your vehicle’s front pillar on each side, providing a platform to attach a wide variety of lighting options. Each light can be adjusted on the brack to angle your light in the direction you choose, providing maximum visibility to the front and side of your rig. You’ll be able to see obstacles that might otherwise go unspotted, and you’ll be abe to travel trails at night with much more comfort and confidence.

These handy lights aren’t just super useful, they’re super easy to install. You’ll just need to mount the bracket to a simple install point that is factory-included with your vehicle and your set to go. Attach the lighting option of your choice, wire it up, and your set to roll. This is a very inexpensive upgrade to add a lot of functionality and performance to your vehicle – and they’re perfect for extra lighting in camp. Adding a set of ditch light brackets will make a noticeable difference in your ride, as well as your camp life.


Don’t miss this great opportunity to add one of these brand-new products to your vehicle before anyone else. There’s a limited time to beat the rush, so now is the time to get your order in – and it’s just in time for the Christmas giving season. Why not surprise someone you love or treat yourself to something special? We all deserve it after this year!