CBI Offroad Quality – It’s a thing

What Makes CBI Offroad Different?

Our friends from Rock Creek Overland came and visited and did spent some time with our team, investigating and getting to know the ins and outs of our process and just what makes CBI different from other fabrication companies.

Here is what they found out.


Some days are definitely more busy than others, but a typical day is I come in early in the morning, we have our production meeting with the guys in the fab facility. I think the biggest thing with CBI off-road is the way that we’re set up the way we produce the product and the way the final product turns out is really at a higher level than a lot of metal produced products that you see out there.
We’ve got just extremely skilled fabricators and metal technicians that
work on our product.
We’ve really tried to fine-tune our process to really narrow down our quality and the output and in the end you get a product that is put together very well fitment is good the the weld quality is just unbelievable that’s one of the biggest differences between CBI off-road and any other company out there