Chase Gentry

Hi my name Is Chase Gentry I’m a 31 year old business owner and adventurer. I’m from Harlingen TX but love to hit the open road to explore as much as possible. Speaking of exploration and why I love it so. I grew up tent camping with my ol man almost every weekend at times. We would to wonder around and hike threw local areas scouting new fishing holes, places to hunt, and places to camp out. Fast forward a few years I graduated high school and attended Universal Technical Institute in Houston TX where I picked up skills as an ASE certified automotive technician so you can say I’m a bit of a gear head which makes as an expensive hobby 😂. With mechanical background I knew I wanted to build a vehicle that I could use to continue my childhood adventures with into adulthood so I needed something reliable and with an aftermarket space adequate enough to be prepared. So I opted for a 2016 TRD Offroad Double Cab Tacoma. I knew this platform was tried and proven so I was confident in my decision next step was to get it prepped for adventure. After fully becoming #cbiequiped I knew I was ready to tackle the open road and find new and exciting places. Basically we do our best to get to places where there’s no other human interaction and disconnect from the daily hustle we all know now a days and just relax. To really indulge in mother nature’s true beauty. This world we live on is amazing and this life we live is extremely short, spend it wisely!🤙🏻

Jason Nicosia | Overland Eats

Jason spends his time in the mountains of Colorado cooking up food and adventure with his 2017 Toyota Tacoma Off Road. After growing up in New Orleans and developing a passion for preparing big meals for family and friends, he moved to Denver, where he quickly began spending his weekends in the mountains. One of his favorite pastimes is sharing clues to find secret pop-up dinners in the National Forest and inviting off-roaders, hikers, and adventurers to his location for an exclusive high-altitude dinner feast. His Tacoma is equipped with full armor from CBI, an iKamper, King suspension, and Nitto Ridge Grapplers. You just never know when you'll find a great spot to cook up an epic meal, so having a rig that can get to the most remote spots in the Rocky Mountains is essential. If you pass through Colorado, keep an eye out for his taco on the trails. There's usually enough good eats to share! Be sure to tag your epic overlanding meals with #Overlandeats

Luke Wass

I am Luke, an ICU RN from Minnesota. I love photography and am a woodworking and wilderness exploration enthusiast. I drive a lifted and armored '19 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring. Getting outside to smell the fresh dirt and hike or drive around in search of new views to capture is my idea of a good time. My favorite place to explore is Superior National Forest and the North Shore of Minnesota. Come during winter and you will see what it is really like to enjoy a heated steering wheel. 😉

Matt Girgis
I’m Matt Girgis, I’m a mechanical engineer with a passion for photography and videography. I’m from the Los Angeles, California. My hobbies largely consist of being outdoors. I love off-roading, camping (Overlanding), mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and wake boarding. I love exploring and discovering new places and seeing the vast beauty in nature. I love my time outdoors and getting away from the business of the world. Getting out and adventuring has been very therapeutic for me. 
I have a 2017 Chevy Colorado Z71 
Andre Alvarez
My name is Andre Alvarez. I am originally from Redlands, CA now living in Los Angeles! Truly my main hobbie is Overlanding/Softroading! Everything else like photography, video, and music come along with being outdoors and experiencing places not a lot of people have seen! That is why I do this. Everyone has been camping at a super packed spot where you don’t really experience anything new. When I go out I want to be able to experience something new in the form on a new trail, and new camping spot, but most of all new experiences!
My build is a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek! Currently I run a super packed setup with my prinsu rack holding it all down! On the rig I have an RTT, Awning, custom fabbed rear bumper, storage system, among many other things! I really love how I can take the rig to new places and have everything I need! 
I have a 2017 Chevy Colorado Z71 
Paul Peralta
Clay & Rachelle Croft | XOverland

Expedition Overland is a video series produced by Hiline Productions that follows a team of adventurers and their outfitted vehicles through some of the world’s most remote places. Founded in 2010, owners Clay Croft and Rachelle Croft lead a team of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” The production showcases the adventures, struggles, and unique people and places they meet along the way. The show is filmed by adventurers and professional cinematographers who excel at telling a compelling story through documentary-style episodes. Their approach is authentic, professional, helpful, and always family-friendly. The Crofts even include their three sons, Cyrus, Ryder, and Eli on adventures when possible which cultivates a spirit of family adventure and a love of the outdoors.

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