CBI Family

CBI Offroad Quality – It’s a thing

What Makes CBI Offroad Different Our friends from Rock Creek Overland came and visited and did spent some time with our team, investigating and getting to know the ins and outs of our process and just what makes CBI different from other fabrication companies. Here is what they found out.

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Behind the Scenes at CBI Offroad Fab

Interested in what goes into the creation of CBI Products? Our friends from Rock Creek Overland came to visit and shared their experience. “Join us as we take a look at the faces and the culture responsible for manufacturing at one of the countries top off road fabricators, CBI Offroad […]

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Maxx Powell Visits CBI Headquarters in Summer of ’17 one of our favorite people, Maxx Powell – came to visit and have a high clearance rear bumper installed. We love it when our customers come visit and get the full CBI experience! Video courtesy of Maxx Powell YouTube

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