Behind the Scenes at CBI Offroad Fab

Interested in what goes into the creation of CBI Products?

Our friends from Rock Creek Overland came to visit and shared their experience.

“Join us as we take a look at the faces and the culture responsible for manufacturing at one of the countries top off road fabricators, CBI Offroad Fabrication, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. CBI is well know and respected in the off road and overland communities, but what you may not have known, is that they also have a deeply held love for the outdoor lifestyle in a broader sense. Tune in to find out how they have expanded to bring on more fun products for the outdoor adventurer!”

Be sure to follow their overlanding adventures on their YouTube Channel.


We all started at a young age riding motorcycles UTV’s ATVs stuff like that. Just another avenue to get out of town, get away from the hustle and bustle and really enjoy God’s country and the beauties that are around us. So that’s what our motivation is to get out and to have some fun in nature.
The heart of CBI off-road is manufacturing body armor. Rock sliders, skid plates, I mean that’s that’s what we know that’s what we do our whole mindset as a company. It’s based around that. I’m just blown away by the symphony of sparks fire and steel that come together to create these amazing parts everybody here is so passionate dedicated to their job from each phase of producing these pieces of art really it’s pretty impressive. The guys here just amazing. All of them are just super super happy there. You can tell they call it by the quality of the work they cut out. Every one from the guy that’s doing prep work on the metal, doing layout work, press brake work, welding, grinding, all the way up to the guys working on the sales staff.
I really think that’s the core of CBI off-road. I mean we’re founded on guys that are that are passionate about the work that they do. That mentality we’ve tried to foster and as we’ve done that our employees have seen the opportunity to help us grow as a company.
So the bikes are kind of a crazy adventure. We’re bike lovers that’s where it started we like to ride mountain bikes getting into road bikes as well, but a lot of our customers are bicyclists whether they’re mountain or road or whatever they are they carry their bikes with them on their adventure. They have bikes on the back of their Overland vehicles, so they take their off-road vehicles to the end of that trail and oftentimes they jump on their bike and go a little further. Anyways it just seemed like a natural fit.
You know we’re enthusiasts not only for offroad but for bicycle stuff as well. Our customers are also so we decided to bring on the bicycle line.
Our main focus for CBI is still our manufactured products that’s the bread and butter of CBI that’s what we were founded on it’s really what we know I mean that’s our all of our knowledge is based around building bumpers and body armor. That’s the important thing to us
quality and integrity is really what it boils down to, and that’s what we strive for every day. That’s how we’re gonna continue to grow and really start to meet our goals which are to allow our customers to go on the adventures that they want to go on and handle any terrain that they’re, you know, they’re up against.