We value authentic people and we believe in action.

With that being said, we genuinely want to work with our Ambassadors to create the best experience for you, for our audiences, and for us. Here are some details about the ways we like to work with our Ambassadors. If you have questions, or have interest collaborating, please reach out here.


We love when we get out to events and meet up with our customers, dealers, fans, and friends. We get to attend many events each year and we like to make the most of every opportunity. 


We invite ambassadors who are attending events to be a part of our booth and feature their build. We will also be including ambassadors during scheduled meet & greets and giveaways while at events. 

If you have an amazing build and want to connect with us at an event, let us know!

Endorsed Meet Ups & Rides

Our passion is spending time off the grid, and though we can’t be in multiple places at once, our ambassadors know how to have a good time. Together, we want to connect our customers and ambassadors and grow our communities.    Meet-Ups Meetups are a community event where our ambassadors organize and socialize. These events are intended to be casual, social, and focused on connecting with others in your area. The Ambassador(s) who volunteer to host the Meet-Up will receive a gift card and swag to giveaway. This gives Ambassadors the opportunity to host a local event, meet and connect with other offroaders. We will also help promote and secure a reserved area for the Meet-Up to be hosted.   Rides Similar to Meet-Ups, Sponsored Rides are hosted and organized by volunteer Ambassador(s) in your region. We will provide fuel gift cards, shop gift cards, and swag to give out at your hosted ride. We will also help to promote your ride to anyone in your area. If you are interested in hosting a Meet-Up or Sponsored Ride in your area, please reach out here.
T3 Rear Dual swing arm bumper


We love giving stuff away. If we have the opportunity to give someone new armor to experience the outdoors, whether it is their first step in their build, or their last upgrade – it is always worth it!


Our Ambassadors are like-minded people who have similar audiences. We like to spread the luck and love for the outdoors and team up with ambassadors for giveaways. Some of you have businesses, products or causes that you support and we would love to cross-promote; or if you just want to join our giveaway promotion – we would love to include our ambassadors. 


We try to run one giveaway either every month, or every other month. If this is something you are interested in, get in touch with us asap. We like to be planned out a few months at a time. 

Instagram Takeover

Our products look good, but our customers make them look great. We want to take it a step further than just sharing photos, we want to spotlight and let our most loyal brand ambassadors share their favorite content with our audience as well. 


Periodically we are going to let one of our brand ambassadors take over our Instagram Feed. Here is what to expect with the Instagram Takeover. 


  • We would like influencers to provide content for 3-4 posts/stories, all content will be provided to our social media staff and they will schedule it on your behalf. 
  • We ask that content be original, unique, and avoid any pavement shots (unless you are doing a walkaround video). All content must be in color, no black and white images please. 
  • We ask that you not add watermarks to your videos, photos or other. We will be tagging you and watermarks often detract from the feel of the images. 
  • Content and copy must be your own, if any photo or video credit needs to be made, please provide their Instagram handle. This includes music copyrights as well. 
  • CBI, Prinsu and your own Instagram handle will be the only tags in posts.
  • Content must be provided one week prior to your scheduled Instagram Takeover
  • We will feature your Youtube or Website URL on our Instagram linktree in our bio the day of your takeover. 
  • Please follow the official dimensions for Instagram posts for Stories and Videos – Instagram Media Dimensions (No letter-boxing or widescreen video please)
  • We highly encourage that you post on your personal feed simultaneously during your takeover. 
  • You may announce your planned Instagram Takeover the day prior to the scheduled day.


Instagram content outline:

  • One video, no more than 30-seconds long
  • One Instagram story
  • Two Instagram posts, multiple photos or single photos
  • All posts need to be provided with their media assets, copy content, hashtags (no more than 25), and any photography or video credit we need to be acknowledged. 
  • Please provide a photo of yourself with your vehicle. 
chevy colorado CBI

Newsletter Takeover

We like to send newsletters out, but we LOVE to provide dynamic content for our readers. 


We have nearly 40k Newsletter Subscribers. It’s a lot! And we always see so much engagement and response to the content we share. 


We would like to invite Ambassadors to share some of their content as we feature various Ambassadors as well as schedule Newsletter Takeovers. 


In these scenarios, you will provide the content to our marketing team and work to schedule out your special Newsletter release. 


If you have the perfect content, want to get in front of 40k people, and just enjoy sharing your passions – touch base with us. 


Affiliate Program

To be an authorized affiliate of CBI Offroad Fab and/or Prinsu Design Studio, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.



Please read this agreement carefully before registering and using the CBI Offroad Fab and/or Prinsu Design Studio service as an affiliate. By signing up for the CBI Offroad Fab and/or Prinsu Design Studio affiliate program, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions.



To become an Affiliate for CBI or Prinsu,  you must first be approved through Nathan Wright or Chelsey Eddins. Affiliates will be selected from Ambassadors who are actively involved with our brands and products, share quality content, and represent our values. 



Terms & Conditions


Affiliate Ambassadors can earn a commission on the customer they referred to CBI Offroad Fab and/or Prinsu Design Studio that resulted in a purchase of CBI Offroad Fab and/or Prinsu Design Studio products.
Commissions will be paid out on the 10th of every month for the previous month and will be processed through PayPal.



At the first of each new calendar month, commissions and sales-count will reset. Commissions would not be back-paid, meaning commissions will not be paid out for referrals completed previous to an affiliate ambassador application being approved. 


Commissions will not be earned on products that are not manufactured by CBI Offroad Fab and/or Prinsu Design Studio.



Affiliate Ambassadors will earn a 5% commission on the first five sales of the calendar month, each additional referred qualified sale will have a commission of 10%.
1-5 Qualified Purchases = 5% Commission
6+ Qualified Purchases = 10% Commission


It is important that your audience is aware of all affiliate contracts. We recommend including a small disclosure in any post and place where you have a referring link.



Part of our privacy policy is to not share information of customers to third parties. Because of this, we cannot confirm or deny the identities of your referred customers. This includes name, email, or product purchased.


Do not falsely represent CBI Offroad Fab and/or Prinsu Design Studio products or brand by making false claims to products or services. All content you share must be your own opinion or information directly quoted and shared from the CBI Offroad Fab website or the Prinsu Design Studio website.



*We reserve the right to update or alter the terms and conditions of the affiliate program as we see fit. If there appears to be any behavior or claims that are against our culture or terms and conditions affiliate ambassadors may be disqualified from the affiliate program which may result in loss of paid commissions. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Nathan Wright or Chelsey Eddins.


We are only able to provide discounts and sponsorships on CBI Offroad Fab and Prinsu Design Studio products. Discounts cannot be applied to any third-party products that we carry.

CBI Offroad Fab and Prinsu Design Studio reserve the right to approve or deny ambassadorship requests as we see fit.


CBI Offroad Fab and Prinsu Design Studio are two separate brands but owned by the same company. We have ambassadors that are sponsored by both brands or just one.


CBI Offroad Fab and Prinsu Design Studio reserve the right to change the outline and details of the ambassador program at any time without notice.


This is not a contract, but we believe in good, honest people and hope that out ambassadors will work under a similar code of ethics.


CBI Offroad Fab and Prinsu Design Studio is not responsible for anything said or done by one of our ambassadors. Their actions, opinions, and comments are their own. We hope that our ambassadors will always act with maturity and responsibility.

Product Lead Times