Welcome to the CBI Offroad Fab and Prinsu Design Studio Ambassador program.

CBI Offroad and Prinsu Design Studio, we value the outdoors, authentic experiences and authentic people. We believe that kindness and attitude make every situation. With that being said, we are eager and excited to expand our CBI family to include our ambassadors.


We manufacture quality products that support our interests and we love to work with authentic influencers who are equally passionate about encouraging active lifestyles.

Ambassador Agreement

Our Ambassador Program is an agreement between you and CBI Offroad LLC and Prinsu Design Studio, that you, as an Ambassador, will receive discounted or free products in exchange for a minimum of one-year of promoting our brands and products.

Products can be either CBI and Prinsu manufactured products in exchange for quality content and sharing our products with your social audiences. On occasion we will sponsor someone with products, but all ambassadors continue to receive discounts on orders while they are actively promoting CBI Offroad and Prinsu Design Studio.

In addition to free or discounts products, we invite our ambassadors to collaborate with us for events, giveaways and much more. We want our relationship to be authentic as well and provide an ongoing two-sided relationship. 

Please see details about additional opportunities under “Ambassador Resources”.

Ambassador Resources


We believe in working with people who are as passionate as we are about their vehicles and the outdoors.


Your Voice

When we look for an ambassador, we look for people with an authentic voice and character, we look for positive and engaging content, and we look for people who truly love to be outdoors and provide quality content.

Anyone with an audience can influence, but we choose our ambassadors because of your X factor. As we review the content and elements that we look for, please keep in mind that your unique style and approach is one of the reasons we enjoy working with you. Please don’t ever sacrifice your authenticity for a post.



We love original and dependable content on a regular basis. We look for ambassadors who can commit to posting and promoting CBI Offroad Fab or Prinsu Design Studio a minimum of 1x per week. We ask that ambassadors provide content 1-2x per month to our marketing team as well.



Any content that is provided to CBI and Prinsu must be legally within your rights to provide and distribute. We are not liable for content provided to us from Ambassadors and Influencers, this is your responsibility.

By providing content to CBI or Prinsu, you are agreeing to allow us to use the content, copy, video, images, or reviews, as we choose within our websites, social media channels, events, communication and marketing. 


CBI & Prinsu Design Kits

If you would like to utilize our internal branding information. Please refer to our Digital Design Kits.

Types of Content

We prefer a variety of content. If you aren’t sure the direction to take or what we are currently looking for, please let us know and we can assist. 

Generally, these are the types of content we like to see:

Install Content (Video and Photo)

Photos (Lifestyle, Staged, and images with you and other people)

Video (Lifestyle, Narrative, Walk-a-rounds, B-roll, Product Review)

Copy (Written articles, reviews, overlanding experience, stories, trips, etc.)

Candid Content (We want content that share your story, your lifestyle, your family & friends, your passions)


We ask you to contribute and utilize our hashtags on Instagram:




How to Submit Content

We like to receive content, but we love it when you provide context. 

Please provide content by including copy and descriptions about what is happening in your images and videos. Share first person captions as if you were posting them to your feed. You can inlclude sharable links to Google Drives, Dropbox, or YouTube videos. 

You can submit content here:

Product Lead Times